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NetSuite Related Resources

To help you find the NetSuite information you need, we’ve compiled some important resources for you.

  1. NetSuite User Community Forum : a resource for unanswered questions and to see how others are using NetSuite.
  2. NetSuite SuiteAnswers : available to members of the NetSuite portal. Check out the videos in this section for an overview of where to find help in NetSuite, and how to navigate SuiteAnswers.
  3. Resources from the Atlanta NetSuite User Group Meetings : find presentations and recordings showcasing NetSuite solutions and information on new NetSuite features.
  4. Interesting Tips and Tricks : In this area you will find helpful information like NetSuite browser compatibility or cool keyboard shortcuts to help increase productivity. Many of these resources are especially useful for new users.

Join the official NetSuite User Community Forum

Oracle NetSuite logoThis is the official NetSuite User Community Forum. Sign up and learn new techniques, share best practices and find technical solutions that work for other NetSuite Professionals from all over the world.

The Atlanta NetSuite User Group is not affiliated with this forum, however it is an excellent knowledgebase on anything NetSuite related. We highly recommend that you utilize this resource.

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In this section there are a couple cool videos for those just learning how to navigate the NetSuite SuiteAnswers portal.

SuiteAnswers Tutorial

SuiteAnswers Toturial Video

Click the button below to view a tutorial on how to navigate through SuiteAnswers. Search the knowledgebase for videos, tutorials, articles or user guides, and best practices to just about anything in NetSuite.

Navigate SuiteAnswers Tutorial Video

NetSuite Help & SuiteAnswers Tips

This video highlights the NetSuite Help Center and SuiteAnswers resources, as well how and when to contact NetSuite Support directly.

Atlanta NetSuite User Group Meeting Resources

Meeting Date: Oct 10th, 2017

Vendor Related Resources

Adaptive Insights logo

Managing the New Revenue Model with NetSuite

ASC 606, the new revenue pronouncement, is forcing sweeping changes across all industries. Companies around the globe will need to reshape their organization to comply with the new standard and guidelines. This session will discuss how NetSuite is already future proofed to support your 606 transition and compliance.


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ARM Private vs ARM Public Quick View


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NetSuite Demonstration

NetSuite 2017.2 Recap

Max Lapeine from Tribridge did a great job in covering 3 major areas inpacted by the NetSuite 2017.2 Release: Order Management, Inventory Management, and Banking. The deck below goes into more detail on each area, please download for more information.


click image to view deck

Interesting Tips & Tricks

Our goal is to post informative and helpful tips and tricks for users of all skill levels within NetSuite. Take a look at the video demonstrating navigation within NetSuite, or download a list of keyboard shortcuts for better productivity. As we find more relevant information, we’ll post it here. And of course, as always, if you have a great resource or a cool tip you’d like to share with the group, let us know and we’ll post it here as well.

Navigating NetSuite

This is a great introductory video on navigation in NetSuite. It is especially informative for new users. Take a look!

… additional tips and tricks

NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that by pressing Alt+G on your keyboard, the cursor moves directly to the Global Search field? And by holding down the Alt-key and typing a letter, you will move to that subtab? Download this article full of helpful hints on using your keyboard to navigate within NetSuite.


NetSuite Supported Browsers

Browser support is important to make sure that the website is working perfectly. It should look and function the same, regardless of the device or browser that is being used to view it. This article describes which browsers are being supported by NetSuite. Always keep your browser updated to the latest browser version to make sure that you get the fullest out of NetSuite.


Chrome Browser Extension for NetSuite

Here’s a handy tool that might save some time. Install this Chrome browser extension, then hover over the fields in NetSuite to view their internal IDs. A great timesaver for developers who works with field IDs on a regular basis.



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